Lady in Black

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This picture shows one of our surveyors in a remote area in the Harshaw Mountains, south of Patagonia. In a very remote area. The surveyor is holding a placard up for photo identification of a panel point for an aerial survey. Notice the object in black behind him? What looks like a lady in black was not visible to the … Read More

Alien Panel Points?

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These are two pictures. First one shows the actual brass cap monument designating a National Geodetic Control Point. These points are benchmarks used by surveyors to establish horizontal and vertical control for aerial photography and topography. What’s really bizarre with this point is Picture No. 2 which shows a “Panel Point.” Typically these points are made up of four 5′ long … Read More

Aerial Topographic Surveying

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Topography is the study of the shape and features of the surface of the Earth. Civil Engineers and Architects need the information to calculate future development of a specific location. There are multiple procedures for a land surveyor to accomplish this. In the summer of 1990, I did it with a transit and level. I was in A-school (US Navy … Read More